Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Best Pasta EVER!

Things I love about my new favorite dish:

  1. Its has 4 ingredients
  2. It's 4 points for 1 cup (and fills you up!)
  3. It was way easy!
  4. It's delicious!
I saw a recipe close to this one on Pinterest not too long ago, but forgot to Pin it!  So here it made up version, which knocked my socks off on this chilly March Sunday.

You will need only 4 ingredients:

I just happen to have all of these in my house today.

You will also need a deep saute pan's my Rachel Ray Cookware (which I LOVE!).  I used the 3 qt. saute pan:

Now you're ready to cook!  Put 2 cups of chicken broth, one can of diced tomatoes, 2 tbsp of Fat Free Creamer and 2 cups of whole wheat pasta in your pan.  Bring it to a steady boil and cover, stirring so the pasta does not stick every once and a while.  I believe it took about 12 - 15 minutes for the pasta to cook (al dente).  With about 5 minutes left, take the cover off to let the moisture out and let it thicken up...yess I said thicken, with only 2 tbsp of cream this will be a creamy pasta!  

Here's the breakdown:
2 cups of Fat Free Chicken Broth - 0 points
1 can of Petite Diced Tomatoes in Olive Oil & Garlic - 0 points
2 tbsp of Fat Free Half and Half - 0 points
Whole Wheat Ziti - 4 points per cup (cooked)

So yes, my friends, that's a cup of delicious pasta for......drumroll please.............4 points!
You should get a little over 4 portions from this recipe.  I pre-measured them and put them in Rubbermaid containers for lunches this week...Goodbye 7 point SmartOnes, hello yummy homemade goodness at a fraction of the price!!!

I forgot the best part.  I've been known for loading up on the Parmesan Cheese, and with this recipe I didn't even miss it!  Did you hear that?? I didn't miss cheese. Someone write that down.


  1. That sounds really good! I have creamer, but it's vanilla, so I need to buy that ingredient!! lol